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Nel Ngabo Ft Bruce Melodie – Mutuale [Mp3 Download]

Nel Ngabo Ft Bruce Melodie - Mutuale

Nel Ngabo Ft Bruce Melodie – Mutuale [Video Download].


Nel Ngabo Ft Bruce Melodie – Mutuale [Mp3 Download]

Nel Ngabo, a resident of Kina Music, has released a video for the song “Mutuale” with Bruce Melodie on his second album.

Nel Ngabo’s album consists of 10 songs including those he has collaborated with such great artists as The Ben and Buravan. It is the first album to be released in 2020 called ‘The Army’ which housed the RPF forces that liberated Rwanda.

His new album ‘RNB 360’ has been dubbed ‘Rwangabo Nelson’, and he says he will be promoting his music skills for the last three years in the music market.

In October 2021 while in the studio with his producer Ishimwe Karake Clement shared by Bruce Melodie he took the time to listen to some of the songs on the artist’s album.

Nel Ngabo told INYARWANDA that Bruce Melodie liked the way the song ‘Mutuale’ asked him to work on it, ever since they started working on the song.

The artist says that Bruce Melodie is the artist who wanted to work with you on the song, so that it was milk that gave birth to butter. “It simply came to our notice then. He came to the studio with a job he was working on with Clement, we listened to the songs on the album and he heard [Mutuale’s song] and he loved it. ”

Nel Ngabo says working with Bruce Melodie has left her with a love of work and protection. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

“She is OK. Together you would not be lonely. It usually happens when you start and end up failing. He told me to love work, especially in the music studio.

The singer says the song ‘Mutuale’ is about a young man who is in love and ends up with a friend who took him for a boyfriend.

The singer said the album consists of six songs that he has collaborated with other artists and five of his own. Her only songs on this album are Want You Back, Waiting, Remember Me, Henny and Perfect.

His songs with other artists include Muzadukumbura with rapper Fireman, Bindimo with Kevin Skaa and Fireman, Takalamo with The Ben and Platini P, Keza with Yvan Buravan, Church Boy with Angel Mutoni and Mutuale with Bruce Melodie .

Nel Ngabo joins Symphony Band musicians in the music video for her song ‘Mutuale’
Bruce Melodie’s favorite song ‘Mutuale’ makes her decide to work with Nel Ngabo Journalist Ziggy 55 is one of the key players in the music video for Nel Ngabo and Bruce Melodie’s song.

Nel Ngabo Ft Bruce Melodie - Mutuale