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Bungoma Man Causes Drama After Finding His Wife Doing This To Another Man At Her Work Place


Kenyan newspaper Taifa Leo, reported a story of a man from Kanduyi, Bungoma county ,who was disappointed when he found out the job her wife was doing to earn a living.

According to Taifa Leo,on the material day the man who knew her wife as a saloonist,decided to visit her wife’s work place and was shocked to find her massaging another man at a massage parlour and spas.

While confronting the woman,the man revealed that he has been staying with her for close to two years and she has never done what she was doing to other men to him.

The woman who all along was tongue tied, broke her silence and told him to relax,it is just work and there is nothing she does with her customers beyond that level.

The incident attracted the public attention,as many people come to witness the free drama.This was a big blow to her wife’s job as the customers who are waiting for the service fled because of fear.

Story by Tobbie Wekesa of Taifa Leo.

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