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What Police Did To Kangogo’s Children Just After Their Mother Killed Ndwiga In Juja


Detectives are still investigating the case following Kangogo’s death which is currently in progress. Investigators are trying to determine the truth behind circulating information. A lot has been revealed from the time she allegedly committed first murder to the time she allegedly killed herself yesterday. This is something that has triggered several questions in people’s minds.

As this happens, it is said that before Peter Ndwiga was killed, he took lunch at Jogoo Kimakia Country Lodge with a woman. It’s after this when Kangogo was caught on CCTV leaving the hotel. After this incident, the police came to realize the situation was now bad.

The next thing that happened was fleeing her children to undisclosed location. The police decided to save her children because of fear that she would come for them.

Police confirmed that she was the one who killed Ndwiga when they found payment receipts with her name. They were covered with blood stains. However, Kangogo appears to have had good intentions thus not harming her children too.

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