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Leave Alone Her Death, Her Parents Explain What She Did to Them While Alive That Pains Them So Much


The death of Caroline Kangogo has generated pain for her parents since their own daughter has left them and died a premature death.

This pains them so much but this is not the only thing that has created sorrow in their hearts.

They explain how their daughter dishonoured their request while she was still alive. They say they had requested Caroline Kangogo to surrender herself and reveal to them what she was going through.

They also wanted her to clear the air on the allegations that had been made against her.

This include the murder case of two police officers among other crimes which she was accused of by the DCI.

Now the parents says that they wished to know the exact problems that her daughter was facing and the reason behind it.

Unfortunately, her daughter ignored them as her parents and chose to tackle the situation in her own way.

She decided to commit suicide instead of doing what her parents had asked, leaving many questions in the hearts of her parents which may never get answers forever.

This is because there is no one who will now explain to them. Caroline Kagongo was the only person who could have explained and answered the question to their parents to full satisfaction.

The parents say they are now disturbed so much because they wished to know the real motives behind the murders she committed.

She decided to die with the answers in her heart never to reveal them to her parents according to how they had asked her to do while she was still alive.

They say she did not do something good to them as she have left them with great sorrow that may last forever.

This is because there is no even a single person who can answer the questions in a way she could have done.

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