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Shock As A Kidnapper Is Busted Red Handed Removing Eyes From A Boy (Video)

We have experienced alot of kidnapping cases in the country that are now becoming severe in many parts of the country. This is a sign that every parent should take care of his or her child because evil people in the world are now becoming numerous in many parts of the country.

Panic has engulfed the whole of Mombasa county after an unexpected incident happened that involves an unknown kidnapper. A kidnapper who had kidnapped a young boy whose age is approximately 4 to 5 years was busted red handed cutting out the eyes of a young boy in broad daylight. Some few cuts were also found on the forehead of the young boy.

(Photo| courtesy)The main reason behind him doing that is still unknown and the residents are now in fear of their children. What was also shocking is that the child was just standing there with blood allover her face, but was not making any sound showing his deep pain.

Residents ganged up against the kidnapper beating him ruthlessly for the ruthless act that he had done to the young boy. All parents are now adviced to be careful with their children because these monsters are all around.

Watch the video here.

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