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Drama After A Viral Vasha Queen Was Abandoned by Her Alleged ‘Subaru Boy’ After She Got Drunk


Over the past one week, Naivasha has been trending all over social media as people travelled to the place. This happened in preparation for the Safari Rally Championship which was set to start in Naivasha the previous Friday. We had a lot of excitement where the Subaru owners who are believed to be fast car drivers rocked the place.

As this happened, most of them took some ladies with them so that they could have good time together. There are those who took their wives and soulmates while other picked some beautiful ladies on the streets. However, this is a trip that has now gone berserk as fresh details reveal that the ladies have been abandoned.

Right now, we have more than 44 women who were taken to Naivasha by their boyfriends who have now abandoned them. Most of them are crying for the county government of Nakuru to intervene and help them go back home.

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