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10 Most Dangerous Foods That Are Considered As Delicacies



There are foods that are considered as delicacies. However, some of them maybe toxic. Hence, making it unfit for human consumption, when not properly prepared, thus leading to severe health conquences.Extreme cases may result to death.


A tropical fruit massively popular in Jamaica and tropical West Africa. Although, its considered a delicacy, its highly poisonous, thus its consumption got prohibited in the US and other countries. Ackee looks yellow,and its filled with hypoglycin A. This chemical is very toxic at high concentration. However, the effects of it’s intoxication is not immediate.The affected individual tends to exhibit discomfort several hours after consumption. Symptoms vary from dizziness, vomiting, low blood sugar, to even death in severe cases. Moreover, dangerous consequences may include seizures and intense dehydration.

(Photo courtesy/Ackee)

(Photo courtesy/Cooked Ackee)


Its a dish containing the decomposed carcass of a shark.Though its toxic to eat, it ends up becoming edible through a process of fermentation. The process includes chopping the sharks head off, placing it in a hole, covering it up with sand, and then letting it rot for between six to twelve weeks. This further allows the the shark’s corpse to ferment in its urine. After this time is over, the meat is ready for consumption. However, if any of the steps of this process was not executed properly, eating it might be lethal. It’s smell is however strong thus takes some time to develop its peculiar taste

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8.Puffer fish

One of the most poisonous vertabraes in the sea. Not only can they release deadly toxins but several of their organs are poisonous as well. Despite it being highly toxic, it’s considered a delicacy in Japan, China and Korea. Unless the animal is adequately cut, the person consuming it may die within seconds.Nevertheless , eating the wrong body parts can cause anything from death to intoxication, numbness, vomiting, muscle paralysis and asphyxiation. Death occurs within the first 24 hrs of it’s consumption. Furthermore, it’s venom is 100 times more potent than cyanide.

(Photo courtesy/Puffer Fish)

7.Live Octopus

Octopus is served while still very much alive.Usually killed seconds before the customer bites into it,octopus, much like snake, tends to keep moving after death. This is a natural nerve reaction that continues for seconds, and In most cases minutes after its head is detached,thus its suction cups may become attached to the customer’s throat while swallowing it.

(Photo courtesy/Octopus attaching itself to a woman’s face)

On rare occasions, the entire octopus might even be swallowed alive, hence, increasing the risks of it squirming against the consumer. Its highly recommended to chew thoroughly before swallowing thus particular dish.

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6.Blood Clamps

Species of mollusk that’s well known for its red soft tissue coloration. Due to different health issues associated with it, it’s best to properly prepare it before ingesting it. Moreover, it contains viruses such as Hepatitis A and C, Typhoid and even Dysentry. Its considered to remove the delicious qualities of its meat when overcooked thus making it even more toxic for human consumption.

(Photo courtesy/Blood Clamps)

5.Amanita Phalloides

Deadly type of fungi. It blossoms into a mushroom that can be mistaken for an edible species. It’s cap is usually greenish with white stripes or dots. However, it doesn’t become edible even when cooked, due to the amatoxin it contains, which cant be eliminated through the use of heat. Symptoms of intoxication shows within 6 to 24 hours of ingestion. Milder health issues include, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhoea, and dehydration. Nevertheless, untrained eyes might think its a mushroom.

(Photo courtesy/Amanita Phalloides)


A staple food in most parts of Africa, hence, it’s not a strange ingredient. Though, it should never be eaten raw unlike the sweet potatoes.Contrariwise, it produces high levels of cyanide, when left untreated thus causing damage to our organs. Not only must it be cooked thoroughly but also adequately cultivated. Nevertheless, it’s divided into bitter or sweet, the latter being safe to ingest, since it produces lower levels of cyanide. Intoxication symptoms aren’t typically immediate and it occurs after 4 hours of consumption. There can be harmless symptoms such as vertigo and vomiting.

(Photo courtesy/Cassava)

3. Giant Namibian Bullfrogs

A massive frog, growing upto 9 inches and weighing close to a pound.

(Photo courtesy/Bullfrog)

However, sold on the black market since it isn’t easily distinguishable from other species. It’s not only endangered but also incredibly toxic.Furthermore, It’s tongue, skin and organs shouldn’t be eaten by any human being. Side effects due to the consumption includes;kidney failure and even death. The most dangerous type to ingest are young adult males who haven’t yet mated. However, some people eat bullfrog deliberately to achieve the alcohol-dizziness like effect,which is only achieved when properly prepared. Contrariwise in significant doses, its highly lethal.

(Photo courtesy/Bullfrog)

2.Monkey brains

Monkey brains carries dangerous diseases. Mad cow disease, began to spread precisely this way. Highly similar to the virus discovered in the cow’s brain. Overtime, the condition turns the eater’s brain into musk, filling it with small holes ,which can only be detected after victim’s death,as it requires a brain biopsy. However before death, it causes severe pain, twitching and overtime dementia.

(Photo courtesy/monkey’s brain)

1.Raw Bat

Linked to the worldwide spread of multiple outbreaks such as Ebola, over the past decades. The outbreaks we’re facing recently, can be traced back to soups with entire bats being devoured in China. Prior to the pandemic, in 2019,a video of a female Chinese celebrity feasting on the mammal, went viral.

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Shortly after, of a young boy eating the soup as well went viral, he was seen holding the wings splayed out while getting ready to take a bite from its head.

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However, the demerits of eating such uncooked meats is the high risk of contracting animal to human illness. Atleast three different outbreaks. can be directly linked to its consumption