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Ogopa Nairobi! Nviiri The Storyteller Spotted Getting Too Cozy With Elodie Zone!


However multiple sources revealed that that was not the first time the two were caught being overly-friendly and too touchy leaving netizens questioning the pair’s relationship. When Edgar confronted Elodie regarding the same, she vehemently denied any romantic relationship between them claiming that they were only friends.

Hysterically Elodie questioned netizens’ judgment claiming that every guy she hangs out with somehow netizens claim that she is romantically involved with them. “Lol! Kwani every guy I hang out with I’m dating?” Elodie responded to Edgar in a screenshot shared by the blogger.

She went on to explain that the two were only friends who happen to have grown together. According to her for that reason, she is seen hanging out with the singer often but there is nothing more to it!

Him and I have boys for years, even before he went into music, plus we’re neighbors so we’ve been seen a lot together. He’s dope vibes but we’re just homies,” she added.

Her response did not convince the Tea Master who went on to press for a more reasonable answer to their relationship since according to him, Nviiri did not appear to be just a homie but a lover. However, Elodie still insisted that there was nothing romantic going on claiming that Nviiri was like family to her.

He’s one of my best friends and we completely adore each other to bits. No lie there, but we’re family,” Elodie insisted.

Netizens are yet to be convinced with her response and instead choose to believe that they are secret lovers and in Nviiri’s own lyrics to upcoming single “Nairobi”, where he highlights the plight of dating in the city, Ogopa sana Nairobi!

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