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“Maombi Kitui?” Drama As Man Sends Bees To Attack Thief Who Stole His Property In Kitui


Another dramatic scenario has happened in Kitui whereby a man operating a retail shop lost his property through theft and promised to find it through the kamba traditions.He then went a head and brought a Kamba witchdoctor who performed some acts that are strange in the shop and said that within 24 hours the thief will bring himself back.At first the residents didn’t take the act serious.

But,in a span of an hour,a guy who stole it appeared with bees dropping from his head carrying the television he had stolen.A situation that led people flee for their safety fearing to be attacked by the bees.

This is not the first time for a thing like this to happen. Its just a week after a snake fall from the sky and entered a car then bite the driver.Then when the neighbours came to kill it ,it was carried by an eagle that had dropped it earlier.

The same same Kitui there was a disagreement between Kinatwa sacco and kinatwa prestige Nissans over who should carry where and how much to charge .Then all over sudden bees were send to a driver in the Nissan inside kinatwa Sacco.Surely prayers are needed.

From Opera News

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