Home News “Aliacha Watoto Aende Kurombosa Dubai!” Amber Ray Blasts Her Co-Wife Amira

“Aliacha Watoto Aende Kurombosa Dubai!” Amber Ray Blasts Her Co-Wife Amira


Evidently, socialite Amber Ray is done having her name dragged in the mud because of her controversial marriage to businessman Jamal Rohosafi, and she is taking no prisoners as she intends to clear her name from claims of being a husband snatcher.

Amber Ray and Jamal Rohosafi. PHOTO| INSTAGRAM

As earlier mentioned, the curvaceous lass promised to expose her husband’s first wife, Amira for playing the victim card on social media, and true to her word, she has delivered. Taking to her Instagram stories, Amber sent a warning to her fans and friends who have been advising her to play cool and let the accusations leveled against her slide that they risk being blocked.

Amber Ray. PHOTO; Courtesy

She went on to air Amira’s dirty linen in public accusing her of being a hypocrite and insecure about her marriage. According to Amber, her co-wife has been threatening to take her life and those of her sons in a bid to keep her husband from Amber.

Amira with her husband Jamal and their sons. PHOTO| INSTAGRAM

And please last warning kwa wale mnaniambia niwachane na hii maneno, nita wa block, you guys don’t know the nonsense I take everyday hapa kwa ground being forced to be the bigger person juu mtu anashinda akisema atakunywa sumu na apee watoto pia then anakuja kuwahubiria hapa online,” Amber Ray wrote.

Furthermore, Amber took a dig at Amira’s Dubai stay claiming that she left her children and her “broke husband” at the time behind to live a questionable lifestyle in Dubai.

Amber Ray and Jamal Rohosafi. PHOTO| INSTAGRAM

Anyway, what do you expect from a woman who left her babies for 5 years, aende kurombosa Dubai. Simply because our husband hakua na kakitu and again kama yeye ni mzuri sana mbona hakupata bwana mzunguv huko juu hao ndio sio polygamous… Hapa Africa kushare ni lazima!” she added.

Below are more explosive screenshots from Amber Ray’s Instagram rant.