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Spice Diana Ft Nince Henry – Body [Lyrics]


Spice Diana Ft Nince Henry – Body [Official Music Video].

“Spice Diana Ft Nince Henry – Body”

Across her social media platform, Spice Diana seemed to reveal how she is in a relationship with Nince Henry. Fans called it a “fake stunt.”

On Monday evening, Source Management artiste Spice Diana left several of her fans in a confused state after sharing a cryptic message on her social media pages.

In the piece of text, she seems to ask fellow singer and songwriter Nince Henry to come out and open up to the world supposedly about their love affair.

She says that they have kept it in the dark and not even their families or friends know about it and she wants it to be known to everyone now.

Nince Henry
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We have kept this in the dark for long and it’s painful. I have a family that needs to know. Even my fans would like to know where I stand in this regard Henry. Yes. Nince Henry It’s time we come out. It’s now or never. I am tired. Byebyo

On the post shared on her Facebook page, several fans and critics bombarded the comment section with contrasting views about the statement.

Some of her fans wished them well, a few were left wondering in which direction to look having read that, while others completely rubbished the possibility.

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A one Kasule Douglas Benda questions how Spice Diana’s management sat down and decided that a post of such a nature would be a good stunt to create just before releasing her next song, a possible collaboration with Nince Henry.

Kasule further stressed that such stunts should’ve been left in the early 2000s where fans were gullible and would believe anything said by the artists.

Kati management ya Sipayisi etudde wansi nebatakula bbontwe to find a stunt that will make the public talk about her and Nince Henry. They had sleepless nights trying to find what will work before they bring a new song. Nebalowooza nebalowooza until finally one of them said, “Otyoooo nkafunye! Tugende tokole post Ono!” Then the management approved it and they still believe nti tuli mu early 2000s where people would buy anything…Nze ngamba you guys can do better than this kubanga bino byakijega mubirekere upcoming artists.

Kasule Douglas Benda
Below are some of the other reactions from Spice’s followers on the Facebook post: