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After Trusting Him Too Much , The Boda Boda Rider Banged My Wife

After Trusting Him So Much , The Boda Boda Rider Banged My Wife

We lived happily with my wife. I was a business man in Nairobi city. My wife did house chores  so most of the times she stayed back home. Most of the times I was a busy person so  taking home certain goods example foodstuffs and other households were a difficult task. I had  to trust a bodaboda rider whom I used to send him to deliver these products back to my wife. The  rider took the advantage of confusing my wife to the extent he took her mobile number as they  charted each day. 

One day I got messages of the rider in my wife’s phone evidence that he had  already banged him already. This really heartbroke me since the rider had already had S3x with  my wife and according to the text he was really thanking my wife for the service. When I asked my wife about the text messages she claimed it was a relative who was really  thanking her for sending them money. 

One day I decided to send the rider home as usual to  deliver the household products. I shut my business temporarily and followed the boda boda rider  without him knowing I was behind after him. As I watched through the gate, the boda boda rider  hugged my wife just after giving her the products. They entered the house in a jovial mood and  banged up the door. It was really a nice day to find them red handed for they had hidden this for  long and it was really breaking my marriage apart. It was the right time for an ambush as well. I  opened the door and found no one in the sitting room. 

After a while, I heard some noises in my matrimonial bedroom. They were really having a blast  as the act seemed really sweet. I ambushed them happily exchanging ‘body fluids’. They were really in shock and had  nothing to do. Luckily the boda boda rider escaped. My wife was in  such a shame as he cried begging  for forgiveness, something that I would not do since it was now a habit. I decided to go back to my business for I had proved everything. 

When I was opening up the business, my friend James  approached me from nowhere. He realized I was much disturbed according to my facial  expression. I narrated to him everything that happened where later he told me he had a lasting  solution to curb such a behavior and the solution was to visit Kiwanga doctors

We called doctor Kiwanga for advice. He told me to calm down for he was going to handle every  situation I was going through. After a while I was shocked by a phone call back at home that  there was something that had happened in my own house. I was really in shock since I never thought of anything negative. I was really confused what had happened. When I arrived home, I  met a large crowd of people and when I went straight to the room, it was the boda boda rider plus  my wife who had stacked together having s3x. They were really wailing in pain. Kiwanga  doctor’s things were really at work. The boda boda rider had to pay some amount to get unstuck  since it was really a bad scene. Later his family paid 50,000 shillings to get the job done. I called  doctor Kiwanga to unstuck them. I later forgave my wife and we really moved on as a couple  again. Since that day our marriage has been a success and many people admire us each time we  walk together to social places like markets and partying clubs. 

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