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Shock As Recce Squad Officer Hudson Wakise Kills Wife And Shoots Himself To Death As Well

MATIANG’I is lucky to be alive as his bodyguard was a ticking time bomb! See how the Dusit attack destroyed WAKISE and his marriage before he murdered his wife and himself

Relatives of the late Recce Squad officer Hudson Wakise, attached to Interior CS Fred Matiang’i, have attributed the genesis of his rocky marriage to the 2019 Dusit attack in Nairobi.

According to one of the relatives, Wakise’s involvement in the security operation during the terror attack nosedived his relationship with the wife.

As a sharpshooter and Recce Squad officer, he was part of the team that got inside the Dusit Complex to neutralise the gunmen and rescue those who were trapped inside.

His relatives say he suffered an injury to the head that caused him trauma and contributed to a drastic change in his behaviour.

“I don’t know if he was drinking with his colleagues in the past but since his involvement in the attack, there was a notable increase in his alcohol consumption.”

“His relationship with his wife also suffered, forcing us to intervene to reconcile them on several occasions,” one relative revealed.

Another of the relatives said that Wakise’s wife had also been complaining that he had become violent.

A series of chats on his phone also made Pauline suspect that her husband was cheating resulting in her moving out of the matrimonial home days before the murder-suicide.

He shot his wife, who was a traffic police officer, 7 times before turning the gun on himself.

The Recce Squad is an elite team made up of GSU officers who are handpicked based on their exemplary performance and talent.