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My Son Screamed Some Minutes To Bed, He Had Some Itching Effect On His Body

My Son Screamed Some Minutes To Bed, He Had Some Itching Effect On His Body

It was a December holiday where we were upcountry as my husband had suggested we visit  there for it was a long time since our children had met their grandparents. Life up country was  awesome as fresh air from indigenous tree really brought a cool breeze. We had two kids a boy  and a girl who were really cute as many people described them. My husband had really warned  me not to let our children roam any place to the neighborhood since not everyone was as friendly  as they appeared. There was this neighbor whom my husband had warned me he had an evil eye  and that each time he looked anyone, something absurd was to happen on to them at any  moment. As always children are stubborn and it was really difficult to tie them with a rope since  they needed that freedom to find play time. 

One Monday our two children went to play in our neighbor’s compound that my husband had  warned me of his evil eye spirit. I did not inform my husband our kids had been in that  neighbor’s house for it was really going to be war. I decided to keep a secret and assume nothing  was to happen. That night we all took our dinner together as a family and went to sleep. At 2am  we were wakened up by our sons screaming that his body was really itching. We tried to smear  some olive oil on his body to at least reduce the itching effect but all was in vain as the pain was  more rampant. Rushes had emerged in every part of her body. When his sister so this, she too  screamed. In my mind I knew well where the kids were the previous day. I did not want my  husband to know since he would have termed me as an irresponsible parent since he had really  warned me of the evil eye neighbor. 

We called for an ambulance and within few minutes we were at hospital. What really shocked us  was that the doctor told us that he was not able to cure that for he had already predicted it was  evil eye and if he would try medication that would be the end of our son as he said evil eye does  not mix at any point with western medication at any point. The doctor only gave us some pain  killers but he dared gave our son any form of an injection for he termed it as suicidal. We had no  other option rather than to go back home with our ailing son. After three days the condition had  really went rampant and keeping in mind what the doctors had told us it was really a hectic  situation for nothing we would have done at least to reduce what our son was going through at  that particular moment. I happened to call my friend Eunice for once she had talked of herbalists  who once helped her protect her from an evil eye. She directed me to visit a website www.kiwangadoctors.com for more information. On the website I found a similar case like my  son was going through. I felt if it was really a break through. The following day we went to  Kiwanga doctors with the company of our son, daughter and my husband. He was attended to  and later went back home. That night he really slept well because he said the itching effect had  disappeared at a glance for we were protected by Kiwanga doctors from any form of evil eye. When we visit upcountry we fear nothing for Kiwanga doctors had made us conquer any form of  an evil eye. 

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