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See What Uhuru Did To Tanzanians That Made Them Wish He Was Their President


President Uhuru Kenyatta won over the hearts of Tanzanians during the State funeral of the late Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli in Dodoma yesterday.

Tanzanians took to their various social media platforms in droves to heap praises on Uhuru, especially after he paused his speech to allow Muslims to answer their call to one o’clock prayer(Adhan), with many saying Kenyans are lucky to have him as president.

On her Twitter, a Tanzanian journalist, Hilda Newton, said Uhuru is a great leader especially because of the freedoms that Kenyans get to enjoy such as uninterrupted internet access.

Omar Bond also concurred with the journalist and said on matters of human rights, freedom of expression in politics, and his public speaking skills, Uhuru is always top.

Another Twitter user, Beonot also waded into the discussion and said the way Kenya’s first in command had handled the COVID-19 pandemic proved his efficiency as a leader.

In as much as many Tanzanians agreed that Uhuru is an impeccable leader, Kenyans were of a different opinion with many painting him with different negative adjectives.