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How I Protected My Self And Properties From Harm Especially By My Enemies

How I Protected My Self And Properties From Harm Especially By My Enemies

I lived in Kilifi in the coastal region of Kenya. I was a musician who had really done well in the  entertainment industry. I started feeling that everything was not going right. As I started sensing  that something or someone was ready to hunt me from the music industry. I had opened several  businesses and built several homes for I was really wealthy from the money I got as an artist in  

the music industry. A year did not end when I started receiving death threats from people whom I  did not know since I was really a celebrity in music industry. All my songs would grab play time  in each radio and television station at any particular time. My haters did not take this positive for  

once they started threatening me that they would even kill me for I denied their music play time  on various media channels. Some said I was in illuminati hence my success. 

As my work really paid me back as I would wake up at 3am go to the gym, and at least  write several lines that I could later transform to a hit song. As time went by, death threats  became more rampant as I even had to write a statement in my nearby police station since I  wanted the authorities to know incase anything happened to me. The police launched severe  investigations where they assured me they would bring the culprits to book. I did not believe so  much as usual people and several celebrities like I were assassinated on different occasions  where till now the cause of their death has never been revealed to date. I decided to leave the  matter to the police but I was sure if they could assist was just but a little. One evening as my  driver was really taking me home, we were hijacked just some few kilometers near my house. 

Three men who were really masked their faces said they have been sent with one of the top most  artists in the country to warn me of my success in the music industry. They said I was to remain  one month without launching any music so that theirs would prosper. The good thing was that  we escaped unhurt as the guys did not injure us. I came up with thoughts of moving to my other  home but it was really not a lasting solution to my enemies. I was in my early 20s but had  millions in my different bank accounts as the music industry was really paying on my side. I  thought of abandoning doing music for a month as the guys threatened me but things did not add  up. It was really the chance to release my 20th album with club bangers that will leave my  enemies in panic and question marks thinking of my secret.

While in studio I shared my situation with my producer Batman. He laughed and at some point and told me he had a solution. He  even said that those herbalists had really helped him succeed in his production industry. He  directed me to visit the website www.kiwangadoctors.com for more testimonials where Kiwanga  doctors had really helped people come back to their normal status in the society. It was really a  big deal and the following day I visited their offices. I was attended to and later went back home. I felt if I had gained more energy as two days from kiwanga doctors I had already recorded a  song just for its video to come later. Threats had really came to an end as from that day not even  a single threat did I get. I later launched my album in peace where the public really applauded it. My businesses were a success since life was swift with no threats with the help of Kiwanga  doctors. 

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