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I Finally Got A Man After Years Of Search


The dream of every lady, is to meet a good responsible man, have a colorful wedding ever and  get married and settle with the man as her husband, have children and have a family. In an  African culture, when a woman gets mature, she has to get married, failure to which that would  be considered a taboo, and she would be an outcast to that particular family.

With the modern kind of education right now, women take much of their time studying, and  forgetting to know that men are only interested in young women for marriage. That the only  moral lesson I learned, by the time a lady completes her education in Kenya, she is almost in her  early 30s. The age that most men tend not to be interested in, and no man would wish to marry a  lady of 30 years and above, they would always say that women get old faster and that, the lady  would get old and lose interest of her early in their marriage. My name is Josephine, and I am one of the lady who went through hell to get a man to be with as my husband. It was not easy to  get a man I am with right now, and this is my story that would keep any lady out there not to  rush for marriage as there are many men out there, enough for everybody. You only need the  right hand to help you get the man of your dream and that’s only Kiwanga doctors.

Most of my teenage time, I spent it studying. I wanted to be a doctor and I had to really study for  many years to get the required qualifications. I never thought of marriage at that particular  moment. I did not want external destruction to obstruct me from achieving my dreams of  becoming a doctor by profession. I finished school at the age of 33 years. That’s when I started  looking for a man. My college boyfriend had asked me for marriage when I was 23, but I turned  him away on ground that I was in pursuit of my education. When I checked on him to see if we  could marry I learned that he had got marriage and had a wife with two kids already, good for them. I felt envious, perhaps that was his rightful decision and I had to respect it no matter what. I could not go asking him to marry me perhaps it would cause trouble in an already established  family. I decided to search for a man myself. I started to date a guy whom we dated for two  months. One day he asked me how old I was. When I mentioned to him that I was 33years old,  he left me saying that he was not ready to marry a granny. It was heart breaking. I thought I had  gotten a man whom I would settle in marriage with only to be left in a limbo.

I decided to search for a man on social media platforms. I heard that some couples met online and are now happily in their marriages as husband and wife. I posted “My name is Josephine, 33  years of age looking for a dark handsome guy aged 30 – 37 years,” A few men showed interest  by linking to my inbox only to leave, on grounds that I was too old to be married. For a whole  month no man showed interest of loving me. Back at home pressure was high from my parents  that it was time I get a married and save them of the shame they were facing,

It was until I came across a poster about Kiwanga doctors, contacted them and told them every  detail of a man I wanted. The doctor informed me all will be fine in a few days and I should not  worry. A few days later, a man driving in an expensive Mercedes Benz, turned up at my home  place and informed my parents he was interested in marrying me. I accepted his offer. We are  married now. Thanks to Kiwanga doctors. They also deal in treating diseases like Epilepsy,  Tuberculosis, and high blood pressure among other diseases, they also cast real and genuine  spells in the world like Money spell, love spell, success spell and Black magic spell among many  other spells.

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