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Louis Otieno An Ex-KTN Anchor Blasted By Son For Neglecting His Family , Wife & Children

My father was a star on TV but my mum lived in a shack begging for food – Ex-KTN anchor, LOUIS OTIENO, blasted by his son

Former KTN anchor, Louis Otieno, has suffered another humiliation after his son, Silas Miami, labelled him as an irresponsible dad.

Silas, through his Twitter page, revealed that when his father was at the top of his career, he abandoned his mother and siblings to suffer as he enjoyed the finer things in life.

Back then when Louis was a force to reckon with in the media industry, he would exchange women like clothes and drive high-end cars while his wife and kids slept hungry.

Silas emotionally revealed that his mother and siblings lived in a shack in Rongai begging for food from well-wishers despite their father being a prominent TV anchor.

He further hinted that he will never forgive his dad.

“My father was on TV every day fighting the entire country’s political demons (because he was one of them) while my mother and her kids were living in a shack in Rona begging even for food,” he tweeted.

This is not the first time that Silas has blasted his father.

About two years ago, he revealed that he doesn’t talk to his dad although they have a cordial relationship.

“My mother was technically a single mother. I had no relationship with my father. He was the man we watched on TV. However, we met later on in life when he fell sick and I was helping with the bill. We have a cordial relationship.

Although we don’t talk, I wish him well and he does the same for me. I got to the point where I realized that parents too are only human and a product of what they have seen in life. I have come to recognize my father’s failures, but also acknowledge his humanity,” he said.