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Karen Nyamu Apologizes To Samidoh’s Wife


City Politician Karen Nyamu has finally and openly- nay, candidly- addressed the furore surrounding her affair with Mugithi singer Samidoh

Hosted on Bonga na Jalas, the Youtube TV moderated by comic Jalang’o, Nyamu said they met at a political event where Samidoh was performing and they hit it off as friends

The Nairobi lawyer said the Mugithi crooner did not tell her that she was married until she found out from a nominated Nairobi MCA- the infamous mafirifiri MCA who after learning of the couple, told her the musician was married

“I have a problem with people thinking I am a homewrecker, that I want to bring him and his family down, I was doing things to compete with the wife and all that; only wanted my child to be known,” she said adding that they have dated with Samidoh since 2019 and that the drama started after she got the baby

“Where this drama started and how were we have been having conversations, both of us seated together and where I told him he will have to claim his child somehow because trolls are all over calling me a homewrecker. You do not have to claim me but your child is forever a part of you,”

Nyamu says Samido insisted that he was waiting for the baby’s birthday or a significant event where he can finally post the baby as his. She added that this did not augur well with her because Samidoh keeps posting his two children with his wife but not hers

“By the time it gets to her birthday, I would have worked something out, I have already talked to my wife, she knows I have a child with you, give me time..” Samidoh claimed.

But what exactly triggered the events of the past three days?

On Thursday, his Facebook Admin posted a story of him and his two children and the comments irked Nyamu when people began to troll her and the son. An argument ensued between Samidoh and the politicians when she saw the acerbic comments directed at her and her child

“We argued from 10 pm when he left work until 2 am in the morning on WhatsApp but he insisted I wait for the birthday. On Saturday, I woke up still upset and so I shared those videos, my child atusiwe hadi November?”

Nyamu claims Sam insisted his wife knew whenever he slept at Nyamu’s house. She insists posting the videos was about demanding he claims his child and not to fight his wife and that she took the videos when the baby daddy was fully aware and that he has them too in his phone

Watch the rest of the interview here

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