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Photos Of Samidoh And His Wife Before Fame

PHOTOs of SAMIDOH and his wife when he was broke emerge – This lady has stuck with him through thick and thin

Mugithi singer, Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh, fell in love with his wife when they were in high school.

Speaking in a past interview, the mellow-voiced singer, who has taken the Mugithi industry by storm, revealed that his wife is the only woman that he has dated in his entire life.

“I was a very shy person. So, I was really impressed when I approached my wife in high school and she smiled back at me and welcomed my advances. She is the only woman I have dated in my entire life. I have no ex-girlfriend; I have never experienced a heartbreak,” he said.

Edith stuck with Samidoh even when he couldn’t afford to put food on the table.

She has been a loyal soul mate for many years but after Samidoh became famous, he started cheating on her with the likes of Karen Nyamu, who has been chewed and dumped by top politicians.

Here are throwback photos of the singer and his wife.