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Mbosso Ft Diamond Platnumz – Karibu [Mp3 Download].

Born on 3rd October 1991, Mbawana Yusuf Kirungi famously known as Mbosso is the first born of his family. He was born in a small village in Kibiti, Tanzania to his mother Hadija Salom who was a farmer and father Yusuf Kirungi who worked as a matatu operator to make ends meet for their family.

Being the first born of the family his parents worked twice as hard as they struggled to help him study as they hoped he would help his family in later years. However, he went up to his fourth form and opted to quit school and begged his parents to let him go try his luck in the city, Dar les Salaam.

Mbosso’s Music Career

When he got to the city with a pair of shoes that his father gave him and his bag, just like anyone else he did not start off well. Having had a passion in music alone did not give him the chance he had hoped for .He survived on hand to mouth alms in the streets of Dar es Salam. After a long hustle of trying to make it by all means he met one of Tanzania’s biggest artistes manager Mkubwa Fella who took him in.

Later on, he got to sign Mbosso under the Mkubwa na wanawe record label. After contemplating how to handle Mbosso musically, he teamed him up with another group of three boys he had namely; Aslay, Enock Bella and Beka Flavor to later form Yamoto Band.

A couple of months after being formed, Yamoto band become a house hold name in East Africa, as the four created music that he whole world would dance to. They won several awards together and even toured around the world.Together they did a number of songs including; Ntakupwelepweta, Basi Ninajuta, Nisambazie raha, Cheza kwa madoido, SU ft Ruby Mkubwa na wanawe, among others.

However, sometime in 2017, the team broke up after irreconcilable tiffs. Mbosso tried to beg the boys to stay together but he failed. Having nothing to do in the City, Marombosso went back to his place of origin Kibiti village.

Life after Yamoto Band

He tried going back to farming but it was so difficult considering he did not have any equipment that could help with commercial farming. At that time, Mbosso had begun giving up on his musical career. Friends had been constantly calling him to consider going back to Dar as they believed he had the talent for music, but he never went back.

Mbosso having lost his first group was a bit reluctant until one of Wasafi records artist Rayvanny who coupled up as his best friend went back to his village to get him physically. While there, Rayvanny asked Mbosso to join him back to Dar for Rommy Jons (Diamond Platinumz’s) brother’s wedding.

After the wedding, Rayvanny convinced him to stay with a promise of being signed under the Wasafi label. In Feb 2018, Mbosso released his first song “Nimekuzoea” as a solo artist under Wasafi records.

This was after he had been put task to write all songs for his first album, which worked out well for him by the time he was being launched as one of Wasafi’s artists. As at now he has done several songs including collabos that have since propelled him back to stardom.

Some of his top songs include;

  • Nimekuzoea
  • Tamba
  • Haijakuwa Sawa
  • Maajab
  • Ate
  • Watakubali
  • Alele
  • Picha yake
  • Shillingi ft Reekado Banks
  • Tamu
  • Hodari
  • Nadekezwa

Mbosso’s  girlfriend

During his first album writing, he met a pretty lady named Rukia and fell in love with her. At this point, he was still not in the limelight but she was willing to take a chance with Mbosso.

Mbosso did not believe that a woman from the city could accept a guy that had been a petty thief before. For that, he wrote the song ‘Watakubali’ a reflection of his past life in the city as a hustler where he almost lost his life.

Mbosso and Rukia got blessed with a child and they named him Iqram Khan.

Mbosso Net worth

Mbosso is yet to declare his net worth, but since he got to Wasafi records, he has bought himself a house and is able to take care of his parents back at home. Something he is very thankful for.

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