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Uhuru Dares Ruto To Resign – Stop Whining And Get Out Of My Government Before I Fire You


President Uhuru Kenyatta has had enough of Deputy President William Ruto’s every day complaining.

This is after he dared him and his allied MPs to resign instead of criticizing the government.

Speaking after launching Muthua health centre in Uthiru, Uhuru accused the rebels of double-speak, stating that the Tanga Tanga members allied to the DP, wanted to be associated with the government only when it was favourable to them.

“We need to either work together or not.”

“If they feel that the government is favourable to them, then they should work with us but if they disassociate themselves, then let them resign,” the president stated.

He also warned the populace against being used to peddle propaganda and cause disunity in the country.


“You keep being lied to by politicians who come here saying that they love you and ask you to abuse other people.”

“Is that the way in which we are going to grow this country?”

“Kindly let us think about what we are told to do,” he added.

The president referred to instances where Ruto’s allies have criticized the government on a number of issues.

This is the second time in a week the president is attacking the DP’s camp.

During a tour of the Nairobi CBD on Wednesday, Uhuru explained that some of the leaders were harassing Kenyans, something he was trying to change before leaving the office.

“My aim is to ensure that all who will take from me will not be thieves and harass citizens.”

“My aim is to make sure that they will have the urge to unite the country.”

“Tell those who are insulting me, ‘I do not care’.”

“My purpose is to serve Kenyans.”

“I will ensure I fulfill my promise to them,” declared Uhuru.