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We Will Remove You From State House by Force , Ruto’s Allies Tell Uhuru After He Vowed Not To Hand Over Power To Thieves Come 2022


President Uhuru Kenyatta has ignited a debate among Kenyans after saying he will not hand over power to a corrupt leader who will steal from Kenyans.

Uhuru made the controversial remarks while addressing residents of Nairobi City County during an inspection tour which he used to popularise the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bill.

However, Uhuru’s reckless remarks did not go down well with supporters and allies of Deputy President William Ruto, who felt that the president was referring to the DP.

Ruto’s allies called out the president and accused him of arrogating to himself the powers to determine the next president for Kenyans.

They noted that the people of Kenya were the only ones mandated under the Constitution to decide who becomes their leader and not Uhuru, noting that they will do whatever is necessary to make sure he is out of the State House when the time comes.

They accused Uhuru of messing up the country and trying to lay the blame on Ruto.

According to them, Uhuru has no moral authority to dictate to Kenyans the type of leader they should elect.